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Women's Health Diet Plan

These days everyone is struggling to keep one's body in good health. Many women, working as well as housewives, are opting for women's health diet plan because in this competitive world they have to strike a balance between family and career at the same time maintain their health. It is an absolute necessity to follow a highly nutritious regimen to live a happier life.

A perfect women's health diet plan consists of food itemsthat are rich in micro and macro nutrients but low on calories. Juices and water should form ample part of your diet plan. The amount of calories that need to be taken by a person on a daily basis varies from person to person. It depends on age of the person, her work-schedule and the extent to which she wants to reduce her weight. Further, the diet plan is followed by strict weight-loss exercises.

A healthy diet plan for women's weight loss must include carrots, broccoli, pumpkin, chickpeas, spinach and fruits accompanied with cucumber and tomato juices etc. that help burn fat in the body. One should avoid dairy products that contain over 20% fat by weight. Most part of the fat contained in dairy products is known as saturated fat. Over-consumption of saturated fat by children and adults may cause weight gain that ultimately results in obesity, heart problems and high levels of cholesterol in body.

Women's Health Diet Plan e-Book

A2Z Diet Plan presents an e-book that gives you very helpful information regarding the diet plans that help you lose weight and become fit. The e-book about women's health diet plan provides detailed info about what to eat and what one must avoid while pursuing a good women's health diet plan. The women's health diet plan e-book also makes you aware about your optimum calorie intake.

For instance, the intake of calories for an overweight woman of 25-45 years of age with mid-range activity level should never exceed 1800 calories. Similarly, the calorie intake of an adolescent female of age between 15-25 years having moderate or high activity level should not exceed 2000 calories. And if talk about an inactive teenager girl or an adult woman, the limit of calories is around 1200.

So, stay away from fatty food items, spicy snacks and follow a perfect diet plan followed by regular exercises to live a healthier life. Drinking a lot of water always helps in maintaining body's water content. It is not just your need to live a healthy life but it is your responsibility as well.