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Best 5 Women's Fitness Exercise

Have you ever felt jealous of the toned body of those fitness-freaks who spend hours in the gym? If yes, then you must know best five women's fitness exercises that not only tone your body but make you feel healthier and happier.

Regular exercise is recommended for everyone, be it men or women, for fast body-weight reduction. Exercise for weight loss, along with a perfect low-calorie diet can do wonders for you. The amount of calories that need to be taken by a person on a daily basis varies from person to person. In rest part of the articles we will talk in detail about weight-loss exercises and workouts for women and girls that are effective at the same time very convenient also.

The purpose of regular exercise is to burn excessive calories on a daily basis. For instance, if you want to shed off 2kg of your weight in a month, you need to burn around 500 calories per day through effective weight-loss exercises. And if you want to lose more weight in a month then you need to follow a more rigorous exercise regimen. However, it is advisable that one should burn 3-4 kg per month only under important conditions. Losing 2 kg every month is manageable and safe as well.

Some of the best women's fitness exercises comprise jogging, bicycling, swimming, sprint-running, skipping, brisk walking, yoga postures and many others. These are not only convenient outdoor activities but quite effective in weight-loss also. If you are young then you can also include various outdoor games such as football, hockey, basket-ball, badminton in your fitness regimen.

Exercises for weight-loss for women are different from that of teenage girls due to difference in their physical activities, attitude, lifestyle and stamina of the body. Besides above mentioned outdoor activities such as cardiovascular exercises and sports, you can also opt for indoor activities such as dancing, house cleaning and gardening that are equally effective.

If an overweight teenager or a woman of age 30-45 years wants to burn 500 calories per day, she just needs to perform any of the above-cited activities for 30-60 minutes, subjected to the extent to which she wants to reduce her weight.

Carrying around excessive weight may lead to severe health problems. Therefore, it is always a good idea to limit your calories intake through a diet plan and at the same time burn extra calories through weight-loss exercises.