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Tummy Exercises after Pregnancy

Motherhood is an awesome experience for every woman, which brings a lot of happiness in her life. However, there is another facet of the coin which may destroy the entire look & shape of the female. Most of the ladies suffer from weight-gain and fat around tummy post pregnancy, which is a trouble that should be caused as soon as possible. It does not only destroy the body shape of the woman, but it also starts inviting various severe diseases.

Tucking the tummy post pregnancy is not an easy task, but it is also not impossible. By using several exercise practices, you may control the fat around your tummy and can bring your body in the shape which it was used to be in before pregnancy. Here are few best tummy exercises which you should do after pregnancy to burn fat around your tummy.

Pelvic Tilt

You can start doing this exercise as soon as after one week of delivery, if you have had a normal delivery. However, you should weight for 8-10 weeks in case of cesarean delivery. To do this exercise, simply lie on your back and bent your knees. Keep a pillow under your hips and another one under your knees. Inhale, and then exhale and stretch your tummy inside, squeezing your hips as much as you can. Hold for five second in this position before returning to the normal position. Repeat the exercise 10 times.

Pelvic Bridge

Lie on your back with your feet opened at hip-width, and knees bent. Inhale, push your abs up towards your spine, and then exhale. Tilt your pelvis up while lifting your hips up from the ground to form a bridge. Hold this position for several seconds before slowly returning to the normal position. Repeat this step for five times.

Heel Slides

Lie on your back and bent your knees with keeping your feet hip-width open. Flex your left feet and press your heel on the floor. Inhale, and exhale while pushing your left heel apart from your body. Keep your knees slightly bent. Return to the initial position, and do this for your right feet. Repeat the step 10 times, doing five times for each foot.

Towel Pulse

Lie on your back and bent your knees. Now put a towel on your upper shins and hold both ends with your hands. Pull the ends of towel and squeeze your thighs together. Inhale, and then exhale while pushing your shoulders off the floor. Hold in this position for a few seconds and then return to the normal position. Do 20 repeats.

Single-Leg Stretch

Lie on your back keeping your knees above your hips and shins parallel to the floor. Now place a towel on your thighs and hold both ends with your hands. Now stretch the towel ends while picking your shoulders off the floor. Extend your left leg when you exhale. Repeat the same step for your right leg. Do 10 repeats.