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Women's Fitness Diet Plans

For curtailing body weight, getting fit, and maintaining fitness, following rigorously a low-calorie but highly nutritious diet regimen, is absolutely necessary. Along with taking this prescribed dieting, people will have to perform some activities and exercises daily for 30-60 minutes, depending upon the requirement of burning the specified amount of fat calories. To shed off 2 Kg body weight in a month, one is required to burn about 500 calories daily; for losing more weight, he/she will have to burn larger amount of calories than this, through heavier and more strenuous exercises.

In this web-article, we are exclusively concerned with presenting detailed and very beneficial information about the diet plans for reducing weight or becoming fit, by women and teenager girls. These diet plans are to be followed strictly, along with performing daily the weight-loss exercises. The amount of food calories to be taken daily by an overweight person to reduce weight, depends on the age, gender, work-schedule, status of overweight, and the weight-reduction target. For an overweight woman falling in the range of 25-45 years, and subject to mid-range working conditions, this amount of daily calorific intake should never be more than 1800 calories. And, for an overweight girl or adolescent woman aged between 15 and 25 years, and with moderate to high activity-level, this suggested amount of daily calorific intake is a maximum of 2000 calories. For an overweight teenager or adult women leading a sedentary lifestyle, this limit is kept at 1200 calories per day.

The Female Meal Plan for Getting Lean

To keep the food calories well within the above-mentioned limits, you have to select only those food items which are low in calories, but highly rich in macro- and micro-nutrients. Some food items which are rather efficient for burning body fat, must be included in your regular diets. Again, juice recipes should form an essential part of your diet plan for losing weight safely and faster.

The most common, easily available, and effective food items during the weight-loss program, are therefore, vegetables, fruits, whole grains and cereals, low-fat milk and other dairy products, nuts and seeds, legumes, lean meat and poultry, soya products and beverages, dry fruits, polyunsaturated or monounsaturated cooking oils (such as canola oil, olive oil, sunflower oil, etc.), fish and other seafood, beans and peas, broth-based soups, and other food items which are rich in natural fibers, water, and nutrients, but deficient in calories and fat. All those dairy products which contain more than 20% fat by weight, are regarded as being high in fat content.

Food items like spinach, collard greens, broccoli, apples, pumpkin, green tea, oatmeal, roasted potatoes/carrots, chickpeas, roasted meat, and many other vegetables and fruits, are immensely famous and popular for melting and burning fat in the body. Lastly, the most effective and popular juice recipes for losing weight are Tomato and Cucumber Juice; Watercress and Carrot Juice; Celery and Beet Juice; Spinach and Apple Juice; Yellow Pepper and Grapefruit Juice; Lemon and Watermelon Juice; and Pomegranate and Lychee Juice.