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This exclusive web-article offers rich and very beneficial information about body fitness of women of varying age, ranging from 15 to 45 years. We advise that women getting overweight gradually, must utilize weight loss programs early enough to stay fit, healthy, and free of diverse bodily and mental troubles. It is because, they will need to do some more strenuous exercises and take very stringent dieting, for reducing large weight, in the same duration of time. The lower section of this very useful web-article offers separate information about diet-plan and exercises for shedding weight by adolescent and aged women. Here, some fundamental and very significant facts about overweight/obesity, weight loss, and calorific constraints for reducing weight, are highlighted.

The Body Mass Index (BMI) percentile is one of the most popular criteria for knowing whether a person is overweight / obese, based on his/her age, height, and gender. A person is thought to be overweight if his/her BMI lands in between 85th and 94th percentile; and those with a BMI percentile greater than 95th, are termed as obese. Again, reducing about 2 Kg in a month is considered quite safe program, as it is not expected to generate excessive stresses in the body, and is very convenient and easy. To shed 2 Kg of body weight, an adolescent girl or adult woman is essentially required to burn 500 calories daily through a variety of physical activities and exercises. While following strictly this exercise routine, they must stick to the below-mentioned stringent dietary regimen.

How Women Can Get Fit by Workouts and Diet Plans

In order to lose weight surely, the concerned teenagers or married women must follow a low-calorie diet regimen, and perform strictly the exercises noted below. This low-calorie daily diet must be very nutritious, to meet the nutritional requirements of the exercising body. To lose weight, a female with busy domestic or official work-schedule, and falling under the age-range of 15-45 years, should strictly consume 1500-1800 calories daily from foods; while a sedentary woman should opt for a 1200 calorie meal per day. They have to burn 500 calories from suggested amount of calorific intake through exercises, to lose 2 Kg in a month.

This daily calorific intake should be divided into three [breakfast, lunch, dinner] or more installments. To be low in calories and high in nutrients, the food items must include plenty of vegetables and fruits, whole grains and legumes, cereals and seeds, dry fruits and nuts, low-fat [containing less than 20% fat by weight] milk and other dairy products, lean meat and poultry, fish and other seafood, soya products, unsaturated cooking oils, and many other food items which are rich in fiber and water and low in calories and fat. Junk foods, foods and beverage containing high sugar or fat, and snacks with high fat contents, should be avoided. Lastly, some food items which are very effective in burning body fat, such as apples, collard greens, broccoli, roasted potatoes/carrots, etc., should also be consumed regularly, along with above-mentioned food items. To know in details about these food items for weight loss, readers may purchase our ebook [in electronic form] named "The Healthy Diet Tree - For Weight Loss".

A convenient combination of the following physical activities and exercises is very effective for burning 500 calories, during a daily routine spell of 30-60 minutes. Brisk walking and jogging; running, including the sprint running; jumping and skipping ropes; fast swimming; rapid outdoor bicycling; dancing; high intensity interval training; exercise on equipments like stair stepper, treadmill, stationary bike, elliptical trainer, weight machine, etc.; some yoga postures; and playing any of sports like badminton, kabaddi, tennis, basketball, and so on.