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Natural Weight Loss

Shedding body weight through consuming natural foods and weight-reducing herbs and supplements, and doing some easy/convenient and natural activities and exercises, is termed as natural weight loss, which has become very popular among a large fraction of slightly or seriously overweight men and women of the world over. As opposed to the weight loss by strenuous exercises and strength trainings, this natural weight loss is much easier, takes lesser time of exercise, is easily adjustable to low-calorie meals, and creates only minor stresses to the body and mind. This webpage contains very beneficial and sumptuous information over very effective things and exercises for natural weight loss, all natural supplements for weight loss, and various food items and herbs which are immensely helpful for reduction of weight in a gradual manner.

The activities and exercises which are very convenient and beneficial for weight loss in an easy way are brisk walking, easy and sprint running, jogging, house cleaning, dancing, gardening/yard work, cycling, press-ups, swimming, rope jumping and skipping, etc. Exercises using equipments like Treadmills, Stationary Bikes, Stair Steppers, Elliptical Trainer, Weight Machine, etc., are also very helpful for reduction of weight. Playing sports like Soccer, Basketball, Tennis, Baseball, Hockey, Gymnastics, Badminton, etc, will help people in burning the desired amount of calories per day. These activities and exercises are useful only when you consume the following categories of foods, along with taking the natural supplements listed in the lower section.

A man and woman aged between 20 and 45 years, and doing moderate to heavy physical and mental works, must not consume more than 2300 and 2000 calories/per day. And a sedentary overweight person [aged between 15 and 45 years] desirous of shedding weight, should not take more than 1200 calories in a day. The foods to be taken during the weight reduction program must be low in calories but high in nutrition. Such food items are vegetables and fruits, low-fat dairy products, whole grains and legumes, lean meats and poultry, seeds and dry fruits, monounsaturated/polyunsaturated cooking oils, and comfort foods which help in burning body fat.

Natural Weight Loss Remedies and Supplements

Herbs and herbal/natural products serve as natural weight loss remedies, and make the task of losing weight easier. But, the effectiveness and overall safety [with no side effects] of these herbal supplements must be confirmed and verified. Today, the following are some most prominent elements, herbs, and natural products, for helping the process of natural weight loss, in countries of the world over:
  • Green Tea Extract --- It's "Catechins" [an antioxidant] increases metabolism and facilitates burning of fat.
  • Fish Oil --- Its omega-3 fatty acids promote burning of fat by the body, rather than storing the fat.
  • Chia --- It too contains omega-3 fatty acids, fiber, and antioxidants, to expedite the process of weight loss.
  • Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) --- This omega-3 fatty acid is commonly found in meat and dairy products and in sunflower oil.
  • Guggul [an Ayurvedic remedy] --- It lowers cholesterol, soothes joint pains, and helps weight loss.
  • Reishi Mushrooms --- These increase immunity to fight body fatigue.
  • Chitosan --- This dietary supplement is made from chitin, which is commonly found in shells of crabs, shrimp, and lobster.
  • Resveratrol --- This antioxidant is present in the skin of red grapes, and is famous for expediting metabolism, and preventing growth of fat cells.
  • Capsaicin --- Found in Chili Peppers, it helps in weight reduction through increasing metabolism and reducing appetite and fat.
  • Coconut Oil --- Its medium-chain triglycerides boost metabolism.
  • Apple Cider Vinegar --- It is a well-known natural appetite suppressant.
  • Psyllium --- Its fibrous seeds promote weight loss.
  • Triphala --- This Ayurvedic medicine is a blend of three health-giving botanicals
  • Beta-Glucan --- Oat Bran is a common source of this.
  • Cinnamon --- It reduces appetite and cravings, and mobilizes burning of fat stored in the body.
  • Siberian Ginseng --- Alleviate body fatigue, promotes complacence, and lowers fat.
  • Other Natural Supplements for Weight Loss :
    • Milk Thistle Extract
    • Calcium-enriched dairy products can accelerate weight loss
    • Konjac Root which contains Glucomannan
    • Gymnema Sylvestre
    • White bean extract