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Five Natural Herbs that Help in Weight Loss

The miracle and secret of a healthy life lie in the woods, carved with green mountains and herbs. From centuries, it is widely acclaimed that herbs are the best remedy for any ailment. Thousands of people use herbs for weight loss and get great results. Regardless of the fact that science has reached to a place where everything looks possible, it has its roots strongly placed with the herbs.

Obesity, one of the biggest concerns across the world and Mother of all Diseases can hide itself from anything but cannot fight against the great capabilities of herbs. Starting from our kitchen to the nearby medical store, you can find these herbs everywhere which may, and will, help you fighting against obesity. If you wonder how to lose weight naturally by ayurveda herbs, here are the top-5 herbs which can prove to be miraculous while planning for weight loss.

How to Lose Weight Naturally by Ayurvedic herbs

  1. Hoodia Gordonii Found mainly in the woods of Africa, this herb is presently the most popular solution for weight loss. Hoodia has some elements which help reducing cravings and cut calories without giving you deprivation. Imagine its popularity with a simple fact that more than 60% of the weight loss supplements in the market have Hoodia as an essential ingredient. Be aware, because finding this herb is woods is tough, and finding it in those supplements is even tougher.
  2. Damiana The wild shrub is found in the native areas of West Indies, Mexico and Central America. Pure Damiana is one of the most powerful herbs for weight loss. It puts a direct impact on your digestion system and never let the extra calories stumble around your belly. Consuming virgin Damiana may cause loose motions and shortage of water, but when blended with other herbs, it can do miracle to your body.
  3. Gymnema This herb has been used in Ayurveda since centuries as an effective weight loss remedy. The herb has the qualities of balancing the blood sugar level and is the perfect remedy for those suffering from diabetes. It blocks the sugar consumption and help losing quick weight.
  4. Kelp Kelp is very rich in iodine which is a great tool to fight against obesity. Shortage of iodine may result to hypothyroidism - a condition directly linked to weight gain. Together with fighting against obesity, Kelp also regulates the thyroid functions.
  5. Green Coffee Bean Unlike the general consideration, green coffee beans can be extremely effective in weight loss. It has a substance namely Chlorogenic which reduces fat absorption and melt the fat in your body. This herb is powerful enough to burn 17 pounds in 12 weeks.

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