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Military Diet Tips to Lose Weight Rapidly

Hugely popular in UK, the 3-Day Military Diet Plan, is one of the most effective weight-loss programs for reducing considerable weight rapidly in a rather short duration of time, say, one week. This diet is a combination of many appropriately suitable and chemically compatible food items which are low in calories, but are very effective for burning fat, increasing metabolism, and thus losing weight fast. Using this fastest weight loss diet plan, one can lose around 10 pounds of body weight in just one week. However, losing weight too rapidly may not be safe to the health of many, and definitely not suitable to children and teenagers. This article offers very informative and useful information about this 3-day military meal diet plan, to help people with imperative weight-loss requirements.

The Three-Day Military Diet Plan

The three-day military diet plan works on the principle of reducing the calorific intake abruptly during the three days of implementation of the program.

  • During the first and third day, one is compelled to consume only about 850 calories in 24-hour.
  • The second day permits only around 1200 calories in a day.

Thus, this diet-plan for fast loss of weight is certainly not suitable for children and teenagers, as this plan lacks the sufficient calories and nutrition for them. Again, this dieting plan for rapid loss of body weight is not suitable also for people with heavy/hectic work schedules. Hence, this military diet plan is not recommended for following for more than three days, especially for people having heavy work routines. This slimming solutions military diet plan is so famous that one can easily find the dieting regimen to be consumed during each of the three days (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) on the internet. Given below are some exclusive features, substitutions, and suggestions in connection with this one of the fastest and most effective slimming plans.

During this low-calorie weight loss plan, the concerned person is restricted to keep the physical exercises at a minimum. From the fourth day on till the seventh day, the concerned person is advised strictly to consume only 1300-1500 calories, which should come from vegetables & fruits, low-fat dairy products, seeds and dry fruits, and proteins from lentils and lean meat and poultry. The Green Beans may be substituted by the same amount of spinach or tomatoes. Broccoli may also be replaced by the same quantity of cabbage or cauliflower. And, one may use fruit/frozen yogurt instead of Ice Cream.