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: Healthy Weight Loss Diet Plan

It is always difficult finding a healthy weight loss diet plan which is delicious too. Most of the people have to compromise with their taste while planning to lose some weight. Here is a perfect diet plan for vegetarian and non-vegetarian which will not only keep you in shape, but will also let you enjoy your food.

1200 calorie is the magic number for a perfect diet plan. This is due to the reason that a person needs 1200 calories in entire day. Consuming fewer amounts may result to loss of energy, while consuming more calories may result to excess fat on your body. So our healthy weight loss diet plans are prepared for giving you 1200 calories.

Healthy Weight Loss Diet for Vegetarian

Vegetarian people have innumerable options to include in their diet plan, such as vegetables, lentils, pulses, cottage cheese and yogurt. All these elements are great source of energy without giving you extra fat. The healthy weight loss diet for vegetarian includes:
  • Early Morning - 1 Glass Lukewarm Water with Lemon, Sugar –free tea and 2 biscuits
  • Breakfast - 2 Chapatis, 1/2 cup paneer curry, 1 Plate Brown Bread Upma, 1 Cup milk
  • Mid Morning - 1 banana or half cup melon or 20 grapes
  • Lunch - 1 Cup brown rice, 1/2 cup mix vegetables, 1 bowl salads, 1 bowl raita
  • Evening - 1 Cup butter milk
  • Dinner - 2 Chapatis, 1 Bowl Vegetable Soup, 1 Bowl Salad

Healthy Weight Loss Diet for Non-Vegetarian

The diet plan for non-vegetarian people goes quite similar to vegetarian diet, except the inclusion of some non-vegetarian items such as eggs, chicken and fish. Considering the importance of 1200 calories, it is suggested to avoid red meat because it is a big source of saturated fat. Here is the diet regime for non-vegetarian people:
  • Early Morning - 1 Glass Lukewarm Water with Lemon, Sugar Free Tea and 2 Biscuits
  • Breakfast - 2 Hard boiled Eggs, 2 Slice Brown Bread OR 2 Scrambled Eggs, 1 Slice Brown Bread, 1 cup Skimmed Milk
  • Mid-Morning - 1 Banana OR 1/2 cup Melon OR 20 Grapes, 1 cup Brown Rice + 100gm Chicken, 1/2 cup Mixed Vegetables, 1 bowl Salad
  • Evening - 1 cup Butter Milk
  • Dinner - 1 Chapati, 50gm fish, 1/2 cup Lentis Dal, 1 small bowl raita

Advantages of 1200-Calore Diet Plan

  • Helps you losing weight without compromising with your taste
  • Shows quick results
  • Fast results keep you motivated
  • No need of extra workouts
  • You can try various combinations and options in your diet

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