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Gluten Free Diet for Weight Loss

Going Gluten-Free is perhaps the most considered and acknowledged regime for weight loose. In particular, if you have decided to lose weight and get results after watching your favourite celebrity, you may need some miracle to happen. As long as you are not someone like Miley Cyrus, you may consider something different from going gluten free. Going gluten free did the magic for Miley, but lots of pilates supplemented her regime.

But even if you plan to go gluten free, you need to make sure you are actually going in right direction. Hard to figure out - not actually. Just take care of a few things and you are good to go.
  • A big NO to processed Gluten-free food - eliminating wheat from your plate will not work if you are still crazy about those processed items like breads, pizza, snacks and cookies. They carry more fat than the wheat itself, so a big NO to them.
  • Watch your calories - finding alternatives is good, but finding CALORIE alternatives is not. The motive of going gluten-free is consuming fewer calories. So if you have found other alternatives of consuming same amount of calories from somewhere else, don't blame on your diet plan.
  • Go Carb-Free - compliment your gluten-free diet with carb-free supplements. It is proved that low-carb or carb-free items are more effective in losing weight than gluten-free edibles.
  • Make sure you are actually gluten-free - avoiding wheat will not make sure your diet is gluten-free. This sticky thing can enter your body from many other edibles as well. Before you eat, make sure your edibles are actually gluten-free.
  • Exercise please - The biggest supplement to any diet plan is exercising. Spend some time in your health club and let some sweat out of your body. It will work better.

How much Weight can you lose on a Gluten Free Diet?

There's a lot of debate about whether or not going gluten free helps you losing weight. But when we see some examples, we can be more than assured that when others have got the results, even we can. Dieticians see the impact in two ways - one is consuming less and another is consuming less calories. Going gluten free will eventually results in eating less, because it leaves very few alternatives in your plate. And going gluten free also ensures that whatever you eat carries lesser calories. Wheat for example, is the biggest source of gluten which is when eliminated from your plate leaves very few choices for you. Need not to say that eliminating the biggest source of calories for human being will result in considerable weight loss.

You can never figure out the exact amount of pounds that you lose by going gluten free. But it is for sure, that gluten-free diets have maximum capabilities of eliminating extra fat from your body. In general, you will end-up losing several pounds from the first month itself.