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Flat Belly Eating Diet Plan

No one likes tummies, because a person with a flat belly looks much better than one carrying a few pounds on his stomach. Sadly, now all of us are blessed with the same. If you have tried everything to flatten your belly without any great results, this is the time you should give some consideration to your diet. There are innumerable flat belly diet recipes that can do this magic for you. All it takes is adopting an effective plan and follow it with full dedication. Soon you will be able to see some magical results.

However, flattening your belly doesn't mean you end up losing your entire weight. It should be done properly, and you have to take care of one thing that your body needs a specific amount of food to run properly. Thankfully, an effective flat belly diet menu plan consists of all required ingredients that your body needs to stay healthy.

If you are actually want to flatten your belly without causing any side effects to your body, here is a perfect diet plan you should follow. You may make smaller changes to this plan, but do not change it majorly. The plan is created by reputed health experts and is known for its great results.

  • Breakfast - One omelet of three eggs filled with spinach & pepper mixture
  • Lunch - one bowl salad made of grilled chicken breast, red pepper, mixed leaves and olive oil
  • Evening Snacks - one-fourth sliced cucumber and 100g turkey breast
  • Dinner - Steamed broccoli with 100g chicken breast
  • Breakfast - Stir-fried Kale with baked chicken breast
  • Lunch - Mixed green salad and baked haddock fillet
  • Evening Snacks - 75g steamed broccoli with 100g turkey breast
  • Dinner - Salmon steak with steamed green beans and chopped dill
  • Breakfast - Spinach with 100g smoked Salmon
  • Lunch - Garden salad with ½ tbsp olive oil with one grilled chicken breast
  • Evening snack - ¼ avocado with 100g turkey slices
  • Dinner - Steamed spinach, broccoli with cutlets or grilled lamb steak
  • Breakfast - Green beans, tomatoes and Scrambled eggs made with one whole and two whites
  • Lunch - Salad, ½ tbsp olive oil, spinach, baked cod fillet, tomato
  • Evening snack - ½ grilled courgette and 100g chicken breast
  • Dinner - ½ tbsp oil with green veg and stir fried 100g chicken breast
  • Breakfast - ¼ sliced avocado with ¼ sliced cucumber and 200g turkey breast
  • Lunch - Mixed green salad with ½ tbsp olive oil, tomatoes and 150g grilled prawns
  • Evening snack - Five almonds with 100g turkey breast
  • Dinner - Steamed broccoli with 100g chicken breast
  • Breakfast - Roasted courgettes and peppers with grilled haddock fillet
  • Lunch - Green salad with ½ tbsp olive oil and steamed broccoli accompanied by 150g turkey
  • Evening snack - 5 pecan nuts with 100g chicken
  • Dinner - steamed broccoli, green beans with 150g to 200g steak
  • Breakfast - Steamed spinach, grilled tomatoes and omelets with three egg whites
  • Lunch - Steamed asparagus, green salad with 150g chicken breast
  • Evening snack - ½ sliced cucumber with 100g turkey
  • Dinner - Steamed broccoli or Orientals with grilled duck breastss

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