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Weight Loss Tips for Women under 30

Women reaching 30 should start taking proper care about their health. They should be aware of the changes in their metabolism and do appropriate modifications in their lifestyle. After 30, carbohydrates are not that important and if you are not a physically active person, your body doesn't need much.

One's physic need attention as soon they reach middle of 20's or in end of 20, but as soon as one reaches 30 it is a must. Weight loss is not costly, but requires an interest and strong will. It is a time consuming process but with practice results are for sure. Here are few weight loss tips for women under 30. Follow the diet plan to lose Weight for women under 30. Don't go for quick fix or short duration methods. You may lose weight, but you gain it back. After that particular plan, you may put on more weight in less time. Money is lost compared to weight. And if one is already obese, well it's not too late. Get started right now.

Points to Remember:
  • Things are not for short term purpose, change in lifestyle is the goal.
  • Do it with a smile: Enjoy whatever you do i.e. doing exercise or preparing a weight loss dish, eating healthy food etc.
  • Take small and slow steps. We are a after a progressive change not an overnight slimming makeover.
  • Track the progress you made.

Weight loss tips for women Under 30

There is no magic, so stop wishing and hoping and start working and moving muscle.
  • Bits by bits: slowly include physical activities in daily routine, make that a habit and later your life style. Don't start big. Start it small.
  • Healthy substitutes for favorite junk food: Enjoy eating cheesy pizza, drinking soda, creamy ice creams, and tasty chocolates? Not an issue. Taste salads, fresh fruit and vegetable drinks. When prepared & tasted from the best they a mouthwatering delicacies. A secret, healthy too.
  • Enjoy burning fat: Fat burning is not difficult or boring. Of course it is, but let's change it. Do it in your style. They are a number of ways like cycling, dancing (Zumba dancing or belly dancing can be great), swimming, walking, running, aerobics, yoga etc.
  • Gym: Weights and cardio are good for shedding calories.

Diet plan to lose Weight for women under 30

Greek/ Mediterranean diet can be a perfect diet plan for weight loss. Your regular diet should include
  • More of vegetables, fruits, legumes, whole grains, cereals and cereal products.
  • Fish, white meats, nuts in medium quantities.
  • Less of red meat, eggs, sweets and sweet desserts.
  • Low amounts of salt.
  • A high mono-unsaturated fat (e.g. olive oil).

As you see, it is not a specific plan but a way of healthy food habits for weight loss.

Easy Tips to start slowly
These are not only easy and simple but also make food more tasty and delicious in a healthier way.
  • Switch to brown bread from white bread: Replace with brown bread. Note brown bread is bread made from whole wheat or whole grains. Beware of white bread since it is bleached with chemicals that are not even supposed to be inhaled.
  • Prefer olive oil to butter: Use natural peanut butter or spray olive oil on bread or dip bread in oil. When using to bake or cook, instead of applying butter spray olive oil.
  • Fresh over stored or packed: Always prefer fresh over stocked. Packed food contains ingredients that may harm us.
  • Low fat products: Use and buy dairy products that are of low fat content.
  • Nuts: Eat a handful of unsalted nuts. Substitute them for unhealthy snacks like chips, cookies etc.
Sure to eat food for weight loss
  • Grape fruit: The grapefruit shows reductions in insulin resistance. Having half a grapefruit, half an hour before meals may help you feel more satiated and eat fewer overall calories.
  • Nuts: Healthy and tasty material. Make sure to have these power packages in only little quantities.
  • Fresh Fruits: Even though they have sugars, they also contain fiber which doesn't allow the sugars to release into blood that quickly. It helps in delaying the process.