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Balanced Diet for Women

Women are different creature than men, and they have their different requirements. When it comes to a perfect diet plan, women need something more than men do. Though they require fewer calories than men, but their diet must include something special that keeps them in shape. Considering this, framing a balanced diet for women is a tough task. Before we move ahead to create one such plan, let's analyze what necessities a woman has from her diet plan:

Energy – 2000 KCal
Protein – 45 Grams
Carbohydrates – 230 Grams
Sugar – 90 Grams
Fat – 70 Grams
Saturates – 20 Grams
Fiber – 24 Grams
Salt – 6 Grams

Keeping all these necessities in mind, it will be easier dividing woman’s perfect diet in different meals of a day.


Breakfast is the perfect place to kick-start your metabolism by featuring it with high amount of protein. Add some eggs, salmon, lean ham or low-fat dairy items in your breakfast. Breakfast full of protein keeps you high & energetic throughout the day. Also, preparing one such breakfast is not a tough task as all you have to do is to stuff your toast with scrambled egg, smoked salmon and some lean ham. Take it with a cup of tea, and it will fulfill your sugar requirements too.

Mid-morning Snacks:

Mid-morning snack is required to supplement your body with some necessary elements, and thus your mid-morning snacks should be rich with energy & protein. Also, it must carry some taste. Consider adding some salty peanuts or popcorns in your mid-morning snacks, and you will find a boost in your energy level.


Your lunch should be a rich combination of protein and carbs. Try to gather as much calories as you can, but these calories should not result in afternoon nap. Eating an open rye bread sandwich topped with some chicken, low-fat dairy or salmon can be a great choice for lunch.


Satisfy your hunger with some extra flavor of health. Mid-afternoon is the time when you can go for some juice, fruits or salty snacks. Dry fruits & nuts can also be a great choice because they do not only give you instant energy, but also keep the calorie-chart in control.


Make a light dinner but keep all necessary elements intact. Generally, dinner is the meal which is highly responsible for weight-gain. Therefore, it is ideal to keep your dinner light and with lesser calories. Colorful verity of salads, brown rice, quinoa and whole-meal pasta can be ideal for dinner.