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Balanced Diet for Men

Men have their unique diet requirements, because their days are stuffed with lots of hard work. They consume more calories than women. However, this doesn't mean they should focus on consuming as much calories as they can. A balanced diet for men must include all substances essential for a wholesome life. Before we move towards describing a balanced diet for men, we must understand the basic necessities that a man has to consume in a day.

A man requires below mentioned amount of substances in a day:
Energy 2500 KCal
Protein 55 Grams
Carbohydrates 300 Grams
Sugar 120 Grams
Fat 95 Grams
Saturates 30 Grams
Fiber 24 Grams
Salt 6 Grams

Apparently, an ideal diet plan for men must include all these substances in appropriate quantity. These substances should be consumed in regular manner, including in breakfast, lunch and dinner. Keeping this in mind, the ideal diet plan for a man can be created as:


Breakfast is the perfect meal to add some protein to your body, particularly if you do regular exercise. Before going to your workplace, consider eating a healthy breakfast which includes balanced amount of fat & protein, ham, fish and some dairy products. You may also consider having some toasts topped with smoked salmon, lean ham or scrambled eggs which will give you extra protein & energy.

Mid-morning Snacks:

This is the meal which gives you essential substances without giving you bulk of calories. Having some fruits, butter, crackers or ice-cream can be a good choice for this meal. You may also supper some juices or salads for a change. However, what you have to keep in mind is not consuming many calories in this meal.


Make your lunch a harmonious combination of protein & starchy carbs. The carb selection should be very careful, and should be rich of sugar, fiber and proteins. However, the main motive of lunch is killing your hunger, so you can consume as much calories as you can, without increasing your calorie chart. Try different items to change the taste, and keep doing experiments.


This is the time when we feel requirement of something which can give us instant energy, so consume some energy-rich edibles. Salty & savory edibles can be a great choice. Some choices that you have for your mid-afternoon snack-break are spiced nuts, seeds and savory popcorn.


Your dinner should always be light something that carries less calories and more benefits. Consider eating fiber-rich edibles in your dinner. Rice, fish and salads are rich sources of energy as well as fiber & protein, and they can be a great choice for your dinner.