Parenting Tips

The parenting tips here we are concerned with, are those good parenting tips which are exclusively related with healthy food, slim and vibrant body, and trouble-free and happy well-being. These superb parenting tips are especially drafted for children; however, these are applicable equally well to other members of the family.

Healthy food or diet is the right combination of food items which contain all necessary nutrients in proper proportions, to suit the daily requirements of a person coming under a certain age-group, or doing a specific level of physical work. These healthy foods include all macro ad micro nutrients in proper quantities to suit the person specified, usually for a long time. This balanced food serves to give energy and nutrition, resistance to mental and physical diseases, and keeps the person sound and happy under the given hectic and grueling working conditions. We help people of varying age and occupation in maintaining robust health and fitness.

Positive Parenting Tips

In this section, given are some elegant, very beneficial, and securing parenting tips and advice. These excellent parenting tips for mom can certainly make wonder for securing and promoting good and strong health of their children coming under the age-range of 6-15 years. These positive parenting tips also hold good to the healthy breakfast, lunch, and dinner for family, in general.

  • Avoid Food items which are High in Fat and Sugar By doing so, you can secure the good health of your kids and teenagers, through minimizing the possibilities of health problems in future, and weight gain. The usual health problems which could occur by consuming foods which are high in fat and sugar are diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and obesity. Excessive consumption of butter, cheese, animal fat, stick margarine, fried foods, chips, and other fatty and spicy snacks, etc. should be avoided.
  • Use Fat-free or Low-fat Dairy products.
  • Consume Vegetables, Leafy Green Vegetables, and Fresh Fruits in plenty Noteworthy are spinach, broccoli, potatoes, carrots, collard greens, romaine lettuce, winter squash, etc.
  • Calcium and Iron are essential nutrients for a growing child. Calcium boosts the development of bones, while the iron is necessary for building strong muscles and learning abilities. The recommended amounts of calcium and iron in the daily diet of a child (4-10 years) are 800 mg and 10 mg, respectively. Some of the best sources of calcium are milk, cheese, broccoli, citrus fruits, yogurt, while beans, etc. Whereas, some of the rich sources of iron are spinach, nuts, green peas, squash, watermelon, beef, etc.
  • Prefer lean meats and poultry, and some select seafood. Instead of frying, prefer to baking, broiling or grilling.
  • Try to avert consuming food items which contain saturated fats and cholesterol. Always use unsaturated vegetable oils for cooking.
  • Turn the television off while your child is at the dining table.
  • Frequent snacks and drinks between the meals should be discouraged. The healthy snacks for kids are those which contain the least amount of oil or fat, sugar and spices.
  • Minimize the Fast Food Intake : fast foods are delicious but harmful to health, and are low in nutritive value also.