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Overweight and Obesity

Overweight or obesity is perhaps the biggest health issue in current times. According to the stats, more than 40% of the people worldwide suffer from obesity. It is not just a situation of gaining excess weight and ruining the shape of your body, but it is the mother of all diseases. Many severe diseases occur due to obesity, and people with excess weight are always more prone to sickness.

What is Obesity?

Obesity is a simple term used for a condition in which the Body Mass Index (BMI) is much more than normal. However, BMI is not the only factor to determine obesity. As it includes height when calculating, we cannot rely on BMI to determine whether or not a person is overweight. On a simple note, we can consider body weight as a prime criterion to determine obesity. Otherwise, simply look at yourself in mirror, and if you feel that you are looking fatter than normal, you may consider yourself as overweight.

Symptoms of Obesity and Overweight:

You start noticing the symptoms when you start putting extra weight. You can no more wear your old clothes, you start facing some troubles while walking, and your tummy comes out. If you can notice any of these symptoms, simply understand that you are on the way to get overweight.

Reasons behind Obesity:

There are innumerable factors responsible behind obesity, and unhealthy lifestyle is more common amongst them. People these days hardly find any time to work out, and they spend their entire day sitting on a chair. This results to the body accumulating extra fat around the tummy, thighs or other parts of the body. If the situation is not controlled in time, it may go worse to make you highly overweight.

Eating too much or eating unhealthy food like fast food is also a prominent reason behind obesity. This condition is also genetic because sometimes you are overweight because your father or mother has put excess fat in their bodies. Also, many people are there who gain weight due to some other ailment or treatment. Treating such condition is most difficult because you have to suffer from other ailment as well.

Health Issues Related to Obesity:

As stated above, obesity is the mother of all diseases. If you have put excess fat in your body, chances are more than you will get caught by many severe diseases. High blood pressure, body pain, thigh pain, diabetes, heart diseases and cancer are a few severe diseases that appear due to obesity. However, the normal condition of obesity is a disease in itself because it restricts you from living a healthy and wholesome life.

Prevention of Obesity:

Obesity is a condition which should be prevented, not cured. Once it happens, it becomes very hard to cure it. Maintaining a wholesome lifestyle is the best treatment for obesity. Keep a healthy diet plan, work out regularly and avoid eating fast food. In some cases, you may have to undergo an operation to eliminate the extra fat from your body.