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How to make your Nails Strong and Crystal Clear?

Fingernails are also an important part of our body, which enhance elegance and beauty of our personality also. Hence, taking care of fingernails is certainly an important and wise activity. This web-article presents an all-inclusive stock of very informative and beneficial information for making your nails strong and crystal clear, including the most healthy food items for sleek nails.

Some most common signs showing poor health of nails are the following --- imperfections or defects in the natural texture or color of the nails; dryness of nails and cuticles; split nails; brittle or cracked nails; and so on. Though the causes of these ailments or defects may be connected to heredity or genes, the majority of these problems of nails can be solved or averted through taking regularly some special food items and vitamin supplements. The section below gives exclusive information about some of the best foods for healthy and strong fingernails, and various nutrients which keep nails beautiful and shiny. In addition to these, some easy and effective tips for keeping nails healthy and sleek are also given.

Best Foods for Healthy and Strong Fingernails

The foods for strong Nails are all those food items which are rich in proteins, iron, zinc, biotin, and other health-boosting vitamins and minerals. The supplements for stronger nails essentially contain these vital nutrients. The following are some of the best sources of these life-giving nutrients to fingernails of people in general:
  • PROTEINS: --- Nails are made of Keratin, a type of protein, hence, proteins are vital for nails. Some of the most renowned sources of proteins are the following ---- eggs, red meats like streak and ground beef, beans, legumes, soybeans, tofu, fish, lean poultry and meats, etc.
  • ZINC: --- Zinc is vital for nail growth, strong nails, and averting white spots on nails. The opulent sources of this significant mineral for nails and other parts of the body are legumes and seeds, oysters, oats, beef, lamb, etc.
  • IRON: --- Deficiency of iron makes your nails thin, curved, or possessing ridges. The most prominent sources of iron are the following --- red meats, spinach and kale and other leafy vegetables, shellfish, beetroot, black grapes, other fruits and vegetables, and so on.
  • BIOTIN: --- A B-Vitamin Biotin is conducive to production of amino acids and healthy cell growth. The biotin supplement is one of the most popular and effective measures for growth and strength of nails. Some famous sources of biotin are eggs, germinated wheat, salmon, soybeans, grains like oats and yeast, lean meats, etc.
The following are some easy tips for overall health and strength of fingernails:
  • Try to keep your nails clean and dry in bulk of 24 hours.
  • Stop nail-biting or picking.
  • Drink plenty of water to keep your nails and cuticles well-hydrated.
  • Consume regularly well-balanced diets, including the above-mentioned food items.
  • Filing nails in one direction with rounded corners is far better, safe, and convenient than the filing to a point.
  • Don't use nail-polish remover more often.
  • Keep your nails, cuticles, and hands moisturized; creams with urea, lactic acid, or phospholipids are helpful in preventing cracking.

In a nutshell, everything which is good for your health and longitude of life, is also good for your nails and hair, both being made of Keratin.