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How to Lose Weight with Water - 8 Effective Tricks

It is considered everywhere that drinking a lot of water keeps you away from many diseases, as well as the mother of all diseases, obesity. Having extra calories around your belly can be easily controlled if you know how to use water properly. Water and lemon, when combined together, can do a miracle in your weight-loss program.

  1. 10 Glasses a day - keep the doctor away : Yes, drinking 8-10 glasses of water a day can keep your doctor away. But it doesn't mean you just jump around and drink those 10 glasses once in all. You should consider drinking a glass or two every hour. Make water an important part of your everyday routine and see the difference.
  2. A Glass before your Meal: The main reason behind gaining weight is not being able to digest your meal properly. Water can help you to digest your meal quickly and leaves no fat behind. Consider drinking a glass of fresh water before your meal, and it will never accumulate around your belly.
  3. Have a thirst - Drink Water: You should completely replace the other liquid supplements with water. Be it cold drinks or any other drink with sugar, it will eventually create some fat in your body. Water is the perfect solution to it. Give top priority to water to quench your thirst and gain the energy and calories that you anticipate from those sweetened drinks.
  4. Cold is Cool: It is widely acclaimed that warm water lose weight quicker than cold water, but it's not true in all circumstances. According to a study conducted on benefits of water on human body, it is proven that cold water has more benefits than tepid water. Need not to say that the last thing you would do in summers is drinking hot water. So do what science says and do what your senses say, go for a glass of cold water whenever you feel.
  5. Alcoholic? Complement with Water: Consuming alcohol is indeed a huge reason behind gaining access fat, but it can be controlled if you complement it will equal amount of water. Whenever you consume alcohol, drink equal amount of water and it will kill the bad effects of alcohol.
  6. Cut Salt Intake: Not just sugar, but excess amount of salt may also result to extra fat in your body. When you are on water therapy, consider cutting your salt intake to maximise your benefits. Decreasing salt intake and increasing water consumption can double the benefits.
  7. Water Detox Diet: It's simply a diet which is short and contains considerable amount of water-rich supplements. Spend a day or two on such diets. Minimise your solid intake and maximise the items that have good amount of water in them.
  8. Replace a Meal with Water: Hard to do, but very necessary if you want to see great results. Spend a day without any solid meal and focus completely on water intake. Replace your heavy meals and sugar rich intakes with water. Lemon can also be a great add-on which doubles your benefits. Find how to lose weight with water and lemon, and try it for a day.

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