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How to Break your Sugar Habit

Habits are easy to get, but hard to break, be it anything. And when it's related to our health, all we need is finding a solution to break that habit away. Same is case with sugar habit, which is a very common scenario amongst masses. There are thousands of people suffering from sugar habit and are trying everything out of their capabilities to break this habit, without any success. All you need is great motivation, commitment, hard-work and some rewards for your success.

If you are someone suffering from sugar habit, here are a few effective ways that may help you break your habit. Yes, Rome was not built in a day and you won't be able to break this habit that quickly. However, keep following these tips and the day will be there when you will be living a sugar-free life.

Don't Have it in Home:

Yes, the best way to get rid of something is staying away from it. Get the sugar hell out of your house, and you will never have to meet it again while home. Yes, it's a tough task keeping something as important as sugar to keep out of your home, but you will have to take this tough decision. Better is keeping sugar-free sweeteners at your home which will replace the sugar in almost everything.

Give Rewards that Actually Work:

Make short-term goals, and reward yourself with something special. For instance, make a goal for a sugar-free day, and when you live an entire day without sugar, award yourself. Increase your goal for next day, like a sugar-free week followed by a sugar-free month, and keep increasing the reward. This way, your motivation will remain high.

Never ever switch to Other Addiction:

One common mistake most of the people make is finding some alternative habit while leaving one. This way, they successfully leave one habit but start suffering from the other one. And then to leave the other one, they have to find another habit. This keeps going on, leaving in a constant trouble. If you are actually serious about quitting your sugar habit, focus on avoiding sugar instead of finding an alternative habit.

Accompany Someone:

It is well-noted that when few people start working on something, results are always greater. Apply this rule in quitting your sugar habit. You may accompany your wife, brother, or even a friend in this venture. Motivate each other to remain sugar free, and reward each other on their success.

Follow 'Just One Drink' Rule:

If it is highly necessary to consume some sugar, follow 'just one drink' formula. For instance, you may follow like having only one cup of tea in morning, and then skipping your teas for entire day. This way, you will be able to quit more than one habits at the same time.