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How does Healthy Eating affect Mental Health?

It is widely said that we are what we eat. Indeed, our food doesn't only affect our physical health, but it also has a great impact on our mental health. There are some edibles that may calm your mood, while others may boost your temper. There are some edibles that increase your mental sharpness, while others may reduce it. Need not to say that our mental health is clearly related with the food we eat. This is perhaps the reason why most of the psychiatrists suggest eating healthy food to improve our mental health.

In medical industry, a term is widely popular - food-mood connection. It describes the connection between our mood and our diet. However, there are a few questions which are still not answered, like do vitamin deficiency increases depression or do dietary supplements have negative impact on our mood. Positive or negative, all these food elements have direct connection with our mental health and how we feel completely depends upon what we eat.

Foods that Improve our Mental Health

Many psychiatrists suggest some edibles to improve the mental health of their patients. People suffering from depression or other mental ailment are generally advised for certain edibles together with their medicines. It has been observed that those who consume sufficient amount of these edibles along with their prescribed medicines get quicker results than those who entirely rely on medicines. Thankfully, all these nutrients are part of a wholesome diet. You hardly have to include them in your diet regime, and can get their advantage if you continue with your balanced diet.

Edibles rich of Omega-3 fatty acids are exceptionally effective to improve your mental health. These supplements reduce the bad cholesterol and help improving your mood. It has been proved in researches that Omega-3 affects the way your brain sends signals to your body. Also, it works directly on the nerves responsible for changing your mood. Tryptophan is yet another amino acid highly effective in improving your mental health. It produces a chemical called serotonin, which reduces depression. This acid is found in red meat, dairy products, soy and turkey.

Magnesium is also effective in reducing depression and changing your mood. Many doctors suggest their patients to consume sufficient amount of magnesium to fight against depression. Also, Folic Acid and Vitamin B-12 can be great ingredients if you want to improve your mental health. All these elements work on the nerves controlling your mood, and thus help you fight against bad mental health.