7 Day Healthy Eating Plan

7 Day Healthy Eating Plan

In this world there hundreds of recipes and foods items that benefits to human body from one way to another. There are numerous healthy vegetarian and non-vegetarian recipes, delicious meals and snacks that favor you while getting lose weight. Here, we introduce you with the best of 7 day weight loss diet plan that helps you in making 7 day schedule what to eat and in what quantity if you really want to get your weight lose. As we all know for body everything is essential like fibre, calcium, protein and many more but that should be in an exact manner.

Here; 7 day diet meal plan to lose weight will bring you with food items that will maintain your food habits along with bringing enjoyment and deliciousness to your taste without remaining too hungry. The complete balanced diet where we assure you will enjoy while losing your weight. We have amalgamated all the cuisines items and beverages while offering the perfect schedule of 7 day healthy eating plan.

Day 1

Breakfast : Tinned apricots along with low fat milk and untoasted muesli.
Lunch : A tub of yoghurt along with you can take cranberry and lettuce sandwich plus turkey but it is optional. As yoghurt and sandwich will reduce your fat and help you in getting sleeker.
Dinner : Fresh fruit salad along with feta cheese that will cover the need of protein and fat in the whole day where a tub of yoghurt and bean salad can prove beneficial.

Day 2

Breakfast : There is slightly change in breakfast where we include honey & banana plus cottage cheese and multigrain toast to reduce your calories and maintain the nutrition to the body.
Lunch : Here we bring some tasty and delicious cuisine with some carrot sticks, ham and cheese & salad roll.
Dinner : Green salad with some fresh strawberries where now you are allowed to have chicken kebabs wraps with full of protein but be sure in a limit under 7 day weight loss diet plan.

Day 3

Breakfast : Here we bring you with tasty and delicious beverages means a banana smoothie and if you want to have some addition then you can take two thin slices fruit toast.
Lunch : In lunch only chickpea salad and pumpkin that maintains the calories, fat, and protein in your body that you have from the last two days.
Dinner : Enjoy your dinner with grilled fish with green salad that helps you in maintain your calories again and yummy custard plus stewed apple to zap your fat.

Day 4

Breakfast : Here in day 4 under the 7 day diet plan to lose weight we limit your meals by offering just blueberries and porridge.
Lunch : Again limited lunch just side salad and tuna patties.
Dinner : After struggling for food here in dinner on day 4 we offer you with jacket potato in-together of reduced-fat ice cream where in food we bring steak and steamed vegetables and in last canned peaches.

Day 5

Breakfast : Yummy kiwi fruits plus wholegrain cereal flakes along with low fat milk.
Lunch : Skim milk plus sushi rolls with full of protein with coffee or hot chocolate.
Dinner : Same green salad along with spaghetti bolognaise with reduced fat cheese and fruit platter that makes your 7 day healthy eating plan with prefect.

Day 6

Breakfast : A poached egg with a grilled tomato plus multigrain toast and avocado.
Lunch : Roast beef pita bread with low-fat milkshake plus wholegrain mustard & salad greens.
Dinner : A tub of yoghurt and an apple with tuna & pumpkin risotto and side salad.

Day 7

Breakfast : Low fat milk coffee with sourdough bread plus avocado and tomatoes.
Lunch : Here we add high protein egg with lettuce sandwich plus a tub of yummy yoghurt.
Dinner : Yummy fruit smoothie where in food you have to take tofu and vegetable stir-fry plus hokkien noodles.

Here; in above schedule of 7 day diet meal plan to lose weight we used to add - Energy with 5600kJ/day, Fibre with 25g/day, Total fat of 45g/day, Carbohydrate with 150g/day and Protein with 74g/day.