Weight Training For Weight Loss

For losing weight, the most common and popular ways are Cardiovascular Exercises and Weight Training Programs, in countries worldwide. The salient benefits of the cardiovascular exercises for weight loss have been described explicitly in our other webpage bearing title - exercises for weight loss. In ours this webpage, we are exclusively concerned with providing information about the importance and usefulness of the weight or strength training programs for losing weight by men and women.

The weight training is now commonly considered as being a highly elegant means for losing a considerable amount of weight in a short duration of time, applicable to both men and women. However, a combination of both cardio exercises and weight training programs, is considered the best for weight loss by most of the weight-loss physiologists. The fact that makes the strength training highly suitable for weight loss, is that it (weight training) leads to fat loss, increased metabolism, and greater muscle mass. More lean muscles built through weight training, help in burning more calories, even when one is seated restfully on the couch. The more muscles you have, the greater amount of calories you are constantly burning. Again, weight training keeps your metabolism at a highly elevated level, even after an hour of weight training routine, which also burns more calories, and is an outstanding benefit over the cardio exercise. Moreover, weight training for weight loss is suitable for both men and women, without making them bulky or limiting their athleticism. Consequently, the weight training plans for losing weight are significant component of any long-term weight loss program. The most striking, outstanding, and impressive benefits of the weight training over the traditional cardiovascular exercises, are listed in the section below separately.

Cardio Vs Weight Training For Weight Loss

The following are the most scintillating facts regarding the cardio vs weight training for weight loss, applicable to both men and women:

  • Regular weight training generates lean muscle tissues, which result in faster resting metabolism. The Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) indicates the amount of energy which your body needs just for functioning normally. Thus, your body consumes more calories constantly after doing weight training for weight loss routines.
  • Rigorous weight training exercises promote easy production of two main fat-burning hormones, which are growth hormones, and testosterone.
  • Vigorous weight training builds more fast-twitch muscle fiber than that produced in long sessions of the usual cardiovascular exercises. The fast-twitch muscle fibers need greater amount of calories for the normal functioning of the body.
  • Exercising with weights and resistance makes the muscles dense and compact, and thus, results in slim and fit body.
  • A variety of weight training exercises are available for faster and greater weight loss during a short span of time.

Weight Training For Weight Loss Programs

The vigorous weight training for weight loss programs involves a variety of equipments and machines, and varying amounts of weights, to provide fat-burning and muscle-building exercises to all parts of the body; namely, legs, chest, shoulders, back, etc. Again, there are many highly effective and excellent weight training exercises, which should be performed regularly, and in a rotation, for the best possible results. Here, it is noteworthy that this weight training for weight loss men and women, is maximally beneficial when the exerciser takes a well-balanced and low-fat diet regularly.

Any general weight training program must include a specific number of sets, repetitions, and weights. Any weight training exercise should cover 2 to 5 sets, with each set consisting of 12 to 15 repetitions. It is of paramount importance that while exercising, the muscles of the exerciser must get sufficiently tired, and the exercise should be hard to complete, especially in the 3 final repetitions. Selection of weights should be made in light of this fact, and every movement of any selected weight must be slow, gradual, and well-controlled.

The following weight training guidelines and tips are of great benefit, in connection with weight loss for both men and women:

  • Use Heavier Weights gradually
  • Using moderate weights with a high number of repetitions is quite beneficial for fat loss
  • Combine the weight training exercises with some cardiovascular exercises
  • Lowering the weights with higher repetitions, and increasing weights with fewer repetitions, should be made intermittently.
  • Use superset exercises for superb results. The superset weight training exercises are two or more high-intensity exercises for fat-loss and muscle-building, which are performed consecutively, with no respite between the two exercises. These superset combinations increase lactic acid production, save time, and help in augmenting the muscle-fiber activation.