Best of Bananas For Health Benefits

Banana is one of the most common and easily found fruit all over the world. With its origination from Malaysia and it's spreading of it to the other Asian, African and America by various traders who have been travelling for trade. It one of those rare tree where the whole of the plant product is used starting from the leaves, fruit, the flowering bud, to the soft and watery content of the trunk has in itself the highest content of water which is edible. As part of the usage it plays a very important role in various Indian and other Asian rituals and festivals. Beside it the most important and the yummiest part of the product of the plant is the fruit of it which are either eaten raw especially the ripe ones, cook the green bananas as part of the desert and even a proper meal. As oart of the fruit it consists of vitamin B6 and a good source of vitamin C, potassium, dietary fiber, and manganese that are useful for us.

One of the most fascinating parts of the banana is this that it has various health benefits as compared to others that are available. Though it is found throughout the globe there are many Health Benefits that are provided by just simply eating it on a regular basis which will turn out to surprise of the good things that it is doing to us. Here are some of the various best of Bananas For Health Benefits that are provided by this yellow and delicious fruit are given as:
  • Banana is the best source for potassium that acts as a cardiovascular guard that helps in the smooth functioning of the blood pressure and heart.
  • It also acts an important agent in fighting against ulcer and protects the thin lining of the stomach from getting affected by serious consumption of spices and chilies.
  • Excretion can be improved tremendously as it is rich in fiber and boost in the digestion which helps in maintaining a healthy body.
  • Mix fruit salad or mix fruit diet with bananas is the best way to enhance visibility with healthy eye sight and to retain it for a longer period.
  • It also helps in making our bones strong as it reduces the elimination of calcium the building block of our bones in urination.
  • One of the most fascinating part of it is this that kidney cancer can be controlled by eating it with along other fruits and as it prevents in better excretion of waste materials there by giving no room for any unwanted sickness to linger.