15 Best Ways to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

There is nothing better than spending the best time of the year with love ones and good and healthy food. Holidays are the season to spoil one another with all self indulging and mouth watering delights and it is the peak of the temptation month especially on the food that has been avoided throughout the year. The yummy cookies laden with thick chocolate creams well roasted turkey and deep fried meat and fish they all come charging during these seasons. To help in the path of self containment even during this time can be very tricky but never impossible. There are ways to handle such situation as on the process to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain with the right attitude and also not missing out the delights of the best time of the year. The hard work done in controlling and keeping a composed mind for it has gone bizarre, with all the eye catching and heavenly foods that only screams calories at the highest level for lusting.

Here are 15 Ways to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain and yet provide every opportunity to get a bite on all the most desiring food:
  1. Stay active always is the mantra for it. Just because it is a holiday season does not give any excuse to be lazy and let the calories increase.
  2. Be positive and try not fall for every food that is on the way. Positive energy is needed to work on the ways to say no when needed.
  3. Have proper meals, starting from the most important meal of the day to the last.
  4. Restrain from unnecessary meals in the middle.
  5. Do not avoid all the yummy delights, the trick here is to play safe eat in lesser quantity on the cookies, chocolates and sweets.
  6. A must avoid is the heavy whip creams on cakes and muffins.
  7. Eat more vegetables and other green stuffs instead of oily and heavy stuffed foods.
  8. Start the day with an egg or those who don't want it can always opt for oats and fruits.
  9. Never eat in front of the television and chewing properly is a must for reducing the intake of food items.
  10. Always try to maintain regular work outs, it is more important to do it during this season as most of the foods are too sweet and too heavy.
  11. Making merriment is also the best way to burn calories and helps in reducing in the amount of food eaten.
  12. Excessive alcohol drinks have proved to be yet another reason for weight gain
  13. Drinking as much as water is the best advice to kick off the calories and fills stomach also.
  14. Those who don't want to drink water can also eat lots of vegetables and fruits.
  15. Always be careful of what to eat and what to skip.