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How Many Calories To Lose Weight

Every bite that we take of our favorite foods which are covered with fats and sweet, make our brain run the various images of how many calories to lose weight and how many calories will I get from it. Until finally your brain stops all the images and all it makes you think is the food and you. The unbreakable bond you share until the times comes for you to check on the weighting machine and you stand there hesitantly. For the result of it is never what we always expect it to be.

Of all the things to lose in life losing weight is by far one of the joyous moments, even to notice that you have gained better curves than the curves that scare people. Now the question arising is this how many calories to lose weight per day when you embark on the most divine road to reduce weight. The most important point to remember is to keep counts on the number of calories intake in a day. Starting with the first meal of the day till the last of it every day and keep a check on that we do not miss the notorious food for the sake of losing weight. Losing weight also depends on other factors such as the gender, age, height, weight, exercise level and activities of the person more or less also upon the body density also.

How to determine calories per day is one of the most important ground rules in the process of losing weight is that there are various range of food that have different caloric value. Another important factor to remember here is that the calorie intake will depend on the daily activity. There are simple key points to remember here:

  • Every vegetable and food items has its calorific value keep note of it
  • Keep a count on the number of calories intake per day
  • Check daily that the calorie burned should be more then calorie intake
  • Keeping away from all the healthy food can cause more damage than cure
  • Count the number of fats, proteins, carbohydrates and fiber

Now comes to the most important question which is how many calories to eat per day to lose weight, this also depend upon the physical density of an individual. If a person has more body density and does lots of exercise then he should follow the cardinal rule which is to eat all the food that is available in the market. But eat at a constant or even reduce the amount of the food eaten. There are no set of rules as to the exact amount of calories to eat. It depends on the body and the activities it does.

Nothing can ever beat natural way of reducing weight, through exercise and healthy eating. Yet not to lose track on the necessary vitamins and minerals that are to be preserved for the smooth functioning of the human body. A healthy mind can only come from healthy living and healthy eating.