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25 Ways to Cut 500 Calories a Day

The human outer appearance has always been under the watchful glare through time immemorial there has been a considerable change in getting the right look. This so called look has been changing with respect to the in thing or what is in fashion. Thus depending upon the cloth line that are contradicting one another it thus have created in it the constant requirement or keeping a tract of the calories and how we are working to remain fit and in good shape. Here are simple yet interesting facts about 25 Ways to Cut 500 Calories a Day and still be able to look fabulous and healthy.
  1. Be active always: This is probably the easiest way to cut down calories just by being active and on foot rather than just couching and being seated. Anyone can do this by walking and talking at work place than using the email. Dancing to tunes and walking up and down the stairs also helps.
  2. No to nuts: Nuts have high fats contain in them and thus containing more calories. As far as possible it is best to keep away from it by avoiding excessive intake of nuts.
  3. Over eating: Just because one hates to leave some left over doesn't mean to eat everything that is available. To avoid the problem of leftover cooking should be done in a smart way with the right proportion in every meal.
  4. Eating in the right place: Everything has its place so does eating; studies have proved that eating in a proper dinner table instead of in front of a television set is way better with the knowledge of the intake of calories. It is said so as while we are watching we do not keep a tract on the food that is entering our mouth.
  5. Minimum dressing in salads: There should be control in the amount of salad toppings just because it is healthy doesn't mean we have to put excess nuts, cheese, bacon, olive oil, honey, mayonnaise needs to be all checked.
  6. Ice cream treats: One must cut down on it as to going for smaller scoops rather than for bigger ones.
  7. Sugar should be checked in all sweets dishes and in other beverages.
  8. Learn to stop when the stomach is full.
  9. For breakfast just two boiled eggs are enough until lunch.
  10. Change the normal medium plate to smaller ones for everyday use.
  11. Avoid the excessive intake of soft drinks, instead diet drinks are easily available and are much better.
  12. A must to avoid heavy laden whip creams as in pastries and drinks.
  13. Smart shopping for the right food for the week.
  14. Cut down on Chips and other fat dissolved snacks
  15. Proper sleep for 8 hours
  16. Green tea and other light lemon or citrus drinks are a must
  17. Keep away from the use of oils and fats of any kind or to limit the intake of it
  18. Avoid eating carbohydrates laden food.
  19. Cut down in the constant snacking on cookies, chocolates and nuts.
  20. Plan for meals beforehand smart shopping and smart planning are the key to stay healthy.
  21. Oat meals are the best and healthy breakfast as compared to bacon and eggs.
  22. Opt for just salted popcorns and snacks without putting butter.
  23. Stretch ones muscle from the constant sitting position by doing small works as photocopy or simply walking instead of asking someone else.
  24. Reduce the intake of deserts, sweets, candies
  25. Dieting to lose weight is the worst options instead do smart shopping of the right amount of fruits, vegetables that has lots of fibers and vitamins