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Best 5 Tricks to Tone Your Tummy

Everyone in this world desires to have a fat-free tummy. No matter how good looking you are, or how great your dressing sense is, a hanging tummy may ruin your entire personality. If you have tried everything to tone your tummy and failed, here are best 5 tricks to tone your tummy:
  1. Walk and Talk:While talking on phone, get up of your chair and walk around. If you talk for ten minutes, it will give you additional 500 meters of jogging. What can be better than that? Also, instead of meeting your friends over food or drinks, meet them at your gym. It has been proved that people working out in reunion work out 104% harder.
  2. Try the Roll-Up:Get a resistant band taut and hold it between your hands. Lay on a flat surface your face up, extend your legs on the floor and take your arms above your head. Now lift your arms towards the ceiling, pull your abs in, tuck your chin and roll your head, shoulder and torso up as much as you can. Keep your heels on the floor and try to take your hands towards your legs. Pause for a few seconds and then return to initial position. Do 10 reps with 30 minutes of cardio.
  3. Do Some Cardio: If you want to burn your belly fat quickly, nothing can be better than cardio. It has been proved in studies that cardio is the best exercise for burning belly fat. Aerobic burns 67% more calories than any other exercise. Make a routine of giving 30 minutes doing cardio every single day.
  4. Try Spidey Moves: Have you seen Spiderman climbing the walls - try it. Not literally, but try to copy his moves. Get into the plank position with your arms and legs extended to maximum width. Keep your hands beneath your shoulders and feet fixed on the surface. Now put some pressure on your abs and bring your knee towards your left elbow. Hold the position for a few seconds and do the same step for other side. Do 20 reps for each side.
  5. Consume More Fiber: There can be nothing better than fiber if you are planning to lose belly fat. 10 grams of fiber reduces 4% of your belly fat. Consuming more fiber doesn't mean you compromise with your taste. There are many delicious ways of consuming more fiber. Two apples, half cup pinto beans, one artichoke and two cups of broccoli will give you 10 grams of fiber.