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Best 10 Foods that Boost Your Metabolism

Most of the people while planning to reduce weight forget amount their health. Metabolism is a great factor to determine how healthy you are. If you have missed some metabolism boosters in your diet, here are the best 10 foods that boost your metabolism:
  1. Egg Whites: Egg Whites contain a great amount of branched-chain amino acids that keep your metabolism high. They are also rich with protein and Vitamin D making them additionally healthful.
  2. Oatmeal: If you want quick boost in your metabolism, give a try to oatmeal. This food is very rich in fiber. Moreover, oatmeal also helps you decreasing your cholesterol level and reduces fights heart diseases.
  3. Broccoli: Broccoli has a good amount of water and fibers, thus, it makes you feel full. It also helps you fighting against fat and can reduce the excess fat by 30 percent. Studies show that having more fiber in your plate gives you lesser fat.
  4. Hot Peppers: Hot peppers, such as Jalapenos are rich with capsaicin which does not only give you instant energy but also keeps you metabolism high. Best part is, adding some hot peppers in your food increases its taste.
  5. Water: Whether you believe or not, but water can give a jumpstart to your metabolism level. Need not to say that this is also the best tool for better health. Keep drinking a glass of water throughout of the day and stay energetic.
  6. Cinnamon: Add 1/4 tablespoon of this spice in your food and make it more energetic. Cinnamon rich spices such as hot cereal and yogurt are rich sources of instant energy and they also make your food delicious.
  7. Green Tea: Green tea has been widely suggested for better health and for reducing weight. But this drink can also keep your metabolism level higher. Consume 4-5 glasses of green tea every day and see your metabolism boosting.
  8. Chicken and Fish: Chicken and Fish are great source of protein, which is the best intake to increase metabolism. Add some lean protein, such as chicken or fish in your meal, and keep your metabolism level high long after you finish your meal.
  9. Whole Grains: Carbs can also be a great supplement to boost your metabolism level. Whole grains like oats and barley have the ability to control your appetite, and they keep your metabolism higher.
  10. Almonds: If you have been eating almonds to sharpen your memory, you have certainly missed another benefit. Almonds are rich source of calories as well essential fatty acids. But they are also a great metabolism booster. Eating five servings of almonds every day will keep you energetic the whole day long.