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5 Best Exercises You Can Do While Watching TV

What if you know 5 Best exercise you can do while watching TV? Yes, that's right. You need not to carve out time from your busy schedule, hit the gym and sweat for an hour to stay healthy. You can do body-sculpting exercises while watching TV.

What would you do if you have a choice between driving to the gym and enjoying your favourite TV show while sitting on your couch? Obviously, you will go for the latter. A2ZDiet-Plan e-Book describes all such weight-loss exercises which you can do while enjoying your television program.

Every TV program is infused with commercials. You can use these commercial breaks to do exercises. Now let's understand how you can use these breaks efficiently.

  • Couch crunches: Sit on the edge of your sofa or couch, bring knees up and hold them in that position. Set your knees down and then repeat this exercise. Even a small elevation will work fine for your muscles, so don't stress too much.
  • Dumbbells: Keep dumbbells next to the couch and tone up your arms while you are watching your TV show. For the start, you can use light weights and slowly move on to heavier ones.
  • Exercise balls: Next in the series of 5 best exercises you can do while watching TV is use of exercise balls. These exercise balls are quite cheap and fun to use. Even if you simply sit on them, it will improve your posture. Sit upright on an exercise ball while your feet are planted on the floor. During the commercials try various exercises such as back stretches, push-ups and leg-lifts.
  • Walking: Certainly,walking can burn more calories rather than sitting on your sofa. If you have an access to the treadmill, then you can walk while you are watching your favourite TV show. You will pay little attention to how long you have walked when your focus is on your TV show. In case you don't have the treadmill, you can walk in the room.
  • Squats: Just observe how many squatsyou are capable of doing.See if you could do certain number of squats before the next commercial break arrives. Squats can be done in sitting position against the wall or in place.

These are some of the exercises that you can do while enjoying the TV shows you love. There are many more such exercises. To know about them in detail read A2ZDiet-Plan e-Book, Order online at info@a2zdiet-plan.com.